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Women in the EU earned on average 16% less than men in 2016


Economic empowerment

UN Women

EU on gender equality

EU Commission

Prove you’re taking steps to end sexual harassment at work or risk legal action, magic circle firms told

Thomas Connelly

11 Famous Men Who Fought for Women's Rights This Year

Male researchers given 8 prestigious grants, women get none

Jayce Carrano

Gender Equality = Men + Women Working Together

Susan Bulkeley Butler

Advancing gender equality in media industries


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'Honour' killings in Karachi shock Pakistan's largest city

Sune Engel Rasmussen

Good news, fellow men: our terrible behavior isn't biological

Tyler Zimmer, Slate

Person of the Year: Time honours abuse 'silence breakers'

Time Magazine

Focusing on prevention to stop the violence

UN Women

Remembering women killed fighting for human rights in 2017

Published in the Guardian

Is Baby It's Cold Outside creepy or empowering?

BBC - Declan Cashan

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Amnesty International says prostitution is a human right – but it's wrong

Jessica Neuwirth

Julie Bindel on the Movement to Legalise Prostitution

On Contact with Chris Hedges

Can the vagina be a work tool?

Dr. Ingeborg Kraus

18 myths on prostitution

European Women's Lobby

Trauma and Prostitution

Scientists for a world without prostitution

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We are man enough

Man Enough

Dad’s Sweet Comics Promote Empathy, Tolerance And Love

Caroline Bologna

A father's apology

Ariel advert

Men, you want to treat women better? Here's a list to start with

Nicole Silverberg

Netwok for women in finance

100 women in finance

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