Prostitution debate: Should Malta opt for Nordic model rather than go for full legalisation?

The Malta Independent interviewed Dr Anna Borg and Marietherese Gatt from the A4E and reported that "while the government continues to contemplate reform to laws surrounding prostitution, and has even hinted at creating a framework to regularise the industry, more and more groups are calling for government to adopt the Nordic model.'

'In the course of an interview with Dr Anna Borg and Marietherese Gatt from the Association for Equality about the role of sex workers and persons with disability, the topic of conversation veered into the issue of prostitution in general. Borg and Gatt both fear that the government could potentially allow the use of prostitutes for persons with disability in order to pave the way to fully regularise the prostitution industry “through the back-door”.

In addition to the topic we were supposed to be discussing, the duo was also armed to the teeth with studies and information on the Nordic model compared with other countries who have legalised prostitution such as the Netherlands. It must be made clear that prostitution as such is not illegal in Malta, however pimping and soliciting are.'

Link to the full Malta Independent article

Image taken from The Malta Independent.

Background photo by Alessio Lin

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