Sexist and Misogynistic articles that seek to undermine women to glorify men are not acceptable

We want to express our disappointment and objection to the article written by Charles Caruana Carabez called “The Foibles of Women” which was published in the Times of Malta on the 5th January 2018. The article is shallow, sexist and misogynistic and reeks of fragile masculinity as the author strives to put down women to make men look better. Caruana Carabez tries to frame his work in a humoristic manner as if to lighten the seriousness of his writing. This shows his insensitivity to gender issues and is not consonant with his position as a Commissioner for Education within the Office of the Ombudsman. In the article Caruana Carabez feels he has the divine right to outline women’s defects. Yet, all he can do in this article is make faulty and outdated stereotypical generalisations about women. He might as well have asserted that men are perfect.

Finally, by pre-empting the negative reaction of women he attempts to discredit them before they can even react to his stereotypical crass. We condemn every form of attack and harassment towards women in our society as we believe that women deserve every respect from men just as men deserve respect from women. The women who did react were right to do so and as men we want to add our voices to theirs. Respect has no gender.

Photo by Samantha Sophia taken in Pershing Square during the 2017 women's march in Los Angeles, United States.

Background photo by Alessio Lin

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