The objectification of women’s bodies cannot be tolerated and so strip clubs should be banned not re

PRESS RELEASE - 25/09/2018:

Association for Equality’s reply to the article published on Malta Independent on Monday 24th September, in which Judge Edwina Grima suggested the regulation of Strip Clubs:

The Association for Equality shares the same view as Judge Edwina Grima’s regarding the urgent need for action when it comes to the protection from exploitation of vulnerable people who are engulfed in this ad hoc sex industry in Malta. However, we completely differ on the approach which should be adapted in order to achieve our common goal. As an Association, we have a very clear position – these should be closed since the objectification of women’s bodies cannot be regulated but should be banned.

In our country, the use of animals in circuses has been banned, yet it is disappointing to note that when it comes to the violation and misuse of women’s bodies for the benefit of men, our society is very tolerant.

Strip Clubs often pose as the first point of contact for prostitution and since prostitution is a form of violence on women, it can never be regulated. Malta must move away from becoming the brothel of the Mediterranean. Legislators should give a clear positive message that human beings can never be bought and sold, especially when it has vowed to be the most feminist government.

Background photo by Alessio Lin

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