Time to sort out the GENDER PAY GAP!

PRESS RELEASE - 19/11/2018:

Kurt and Claudia are best friends. They have the same university degree and they both work in the financial and insurance activities services sector in Malta. However, Kurt is paid 28.3% more than Claudia on average, even though they do exactly the same job and they have the same level of education. This is called the Gender Pay Gap.

Whilst the financial and insurance sector is responsible for the biggest sectorial gender pay gap, on average Women in Malta are only paid 89 cents to every 100 cents a man earns.

With an average gender pay gap of 11%, essentially this means, that after the 19th of November, women in Malta will be working for free till the end of the year due to the GPG.

The Gender Pay Gap is illegal and short-changes women who deserve better. For this reason, we are urging the government to close the gender pay gap by:

1. Tackling the culture of secrecy in pay packets and ensuring that there is a move towards more transparency. 2. Ensuring that men share the caring responsibilities and their career breaks more equally with their partners. 3. Making flexible work available to all and encourage more men to use it. 4. Ensuring that organisations are roped in to tackle this important issue through incentives and punitive measures for those who do not comply. 5. Working to challenge vertical and horizontal gender segregation at work.

This PR is endorsed by: Women’s Rights Foundation Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs Attard Ladies Cultural Club Malta Association for Women in Business Business & Professional Women Malta emPOWer

Background photo by Alessio Lin

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