Paternity Leave for fathers

PRESS RELEASE - 26/01/2019:

The Association for Equality (A4E) welcomes the new European Union directive to grant fathers 10 days paternity leave. The existing two day paternity leave for fathers is a huge injustice and ten days is the least that fathers should be granted.

A4E also notes the positive step in ensuring that two out of the four months parental leave granted will now be paid. This should encourage more fathers to share their parental leave with the mothers -especially if the levels of compensation are equal to one’s own salary level.

Last but not least A4E welcomes the new rules to strengthen the right of all parents and carers to request flexible working arrangements and the five days carer’s leave granted.

These work-life balance measures are a step in the right direction for the much needed reforms to meet the emerging needs of modern families. In Malta today, the majority of young mothers and fathers are in paid work and have to struggle daily to cope with the caring responsibilities of their children and the demands of work.

A4E urges the government to move towards the swift transposition of this directive and hopes that payment levels will be high. Payment for these family related leaves should not fall on the shoulders of employers but should be seen as an investment in families by government – especially in a context of falling birth rates, which are below the replacement rate.

Background photo by Alessio Lin

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