Gender Pay Gap Talk

Dr Anna Borg presenting a talk on Gender Pay Gap in Malta on 30th May 2019 at The Hub – PwC.

This talk was part of a series titled ‘APS talks’ organised by APS Bank and was very well attended. The Gender Pay Gap is on the rise and currently stands at the national average of 11%. In the talk Dr. Anna Borg presented some hard facts backed up by research about the reality of the Gender Pay Gap in Malta. Questions such as: Does it help if you are better educated? Does it affect some sectors more than others? Does it vary with age? were brought up for discussion during the talk. The audience shared their thoughts and also their personal realities with the GPG situation in our country. The most relevant and burning question that our country still needs to tackle is - what can be done to close the Gender Pay Gap at the personal, family, organisational and at the political level?

Background photo by Alessio Lin

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