Dr Anna Borg


Anna is the founder of the Association for Equality (A4E). She is an expert in Gender Equality with a specialisation in the matters relating to the labour market, inclusion and social policy issues. She is an experienced researcher and trainer and has been active in NGO's  for many years. 

Michelle Cilia


Michelle has a background in nursing and gender issues. She is a graduate of the University of Malta and holds a Masters Degree in Health Science; a Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences (Nursing Studies); and Diploma in Social Studies (Gender and Development). She has worked on full-time basis within the nursing profession in various clinical settings and for the last years she have been in charge of the School Health Services nursing team and the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic, within Primary Health Care. She also holds the position of an Academic and Clinical Supervisor with the University of Malta. She is a member of the Committee of The Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals, within the Malta Union for Midwives and Nurses (MUMN). Michelle is one of the main founders of the Living Ability Not Disability (LAND) Group, an NGO aimed to promote education and awareness of social inclusion of youths with physical disability through mainstream socialisation.

Lorna Farrugia


Lorna has a wealth of experience in the Banking sector and has occupied various senior managerial posts. She was instrumental in the setting up of the organisation BOW - Banking on Women and has always been interested in Gender issues.  She was also the CEO at Junior Achievement (Young Enterprise) Malta. She is currently reading for an undergraduate course at the University of Malta.

Dr Roderick Bugeja

Research & Education Officer

Roderick is a resident academic and researcher at the University of Malta. He is a Sexual and Reproductive Health Adviser and Health Promotion Specialist with expertise in Genito Urinary Medicine. Roderick is also a freelance consultant in Sexual Health and Sexuality & Relationships Education (SRE) policy issues. He has been active in NGO’s for over 25 years.

Marie Therese Gatt

Research Officer

Marie Therese graduated B.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Malta in 1979 and obtained the Post Graduate Certificate in Science Education (PGCE) in 1992 after which she started teaching at secondary school level. In 1999 Marie Therese obtained her PPL (Private Pilot Licence). In 2008 She got her B.Psy (Hons) degree and worked at Appoġġ as a volunteer dealing first hand with clients presenting with problems such as domestic violence, mental health, suicide and other similar issues. She helped victims and perpetrators of abuse, online bullying, human trafficking, etc. Gender equality has always been central in her studies and work and became more so after she obtained her Diploma in Social Studies, (Gender and Development) in 2013.

Ilona Captur

Public Relations Officer

Ilona has a background in gender equality and is currently pursuing her studies at the University of Malta.  She possesses strong entrepreneurial skills together with a background in Logistics and ICT. 

Martina Farrugia

Marketing & Social Media Officer

Martina holds an MA in Women's & Gender Studies from the University of Hull, UK. She is currently a research support officer and a casual lecturer with the Department of Gender Studies at the University of Malta. She is also an Executive Committee Member of the Commonwealth Youth Gender Equality Network (CYGEN) as Governance and Gender ExCO. Her keen interests in this field are women's rights issues, gender equality issues, body politics, youth advocacy & politics. 


Stephanie Muscat

Events Organiser

Stephanie is an Executive Officer at the University of Malta. She holds a Diploma in Social Studies (Gender and Development) and is currently reading for a degree in Social Wellbeing. She has extensive administrative experience especially skilled in managing seminars, workshops and meetings. She has a keen interest in gender & wellbeing, politics and environmental issues.

Mark Azzopardi

Networking Coordinator

Mark is a mechanical engineer with a background in environmental technologies. He also works in HR and financial services. Together with his wife Nicky, he runs a human resources company. They have two children together, Julia and Sarah. Mark hopes to help raise awareness that gender equality is a man issue too.

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Dr Mary Muscat

Legal Advisor

Mary lectures in advocacy and in environmental law at University. She is a former police inspector and trains law enforcement officers in substantive criminal law, sensitisation regarding hate crimes and hate speech, environmental enforcement and data protection. Her academic interests focus on policing, child advocacy, environmental justice and the pedagogy of law.

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Background photo by Mike Wilson